Introducing The

Hāpai Access Card

Disabled access is a legal requirement for business. But did you know that disabled customers also have rights regarding the experience that they have? 


Unfortunately, shopping and buying goods is an everyday experience where disabled people often reported unequal treatment. 


The card is based on the social model for disability, and a proven, best practice mechanism to help in closing the gap between business and the disabled community, as well as also creating a more inclusive society by removing the barriers that many of our disabled Kiwis face when it comes to getting out and about.



How Does It Work?

  • Providing disabled customers with a mechanism to alert retail staff to the barriers they may face when purchasing a product or experiencing a service.

  • Educating retailers and their frontline staff on how to effectively and empathetically remove barriers for disabled customers.

  • Rewarding the organisations that authentically take part by activating the "Purple Dollar".

  • Improving customer experience for people with disabilities by connecting them to trained organisations where they know they will be served well.

  • Incentivising the disabled community to support businesses by way of a discount/offers card scheme.

For Customers


A unique scheme designed by disabled people for disabled people.  Information, evidence, discounts and opportunities for disabled people...

For Business


This card provides an easy way for disabled people to show businesses the barriers that they have, and for businesses to respond and show that they care...

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