The Hāpai Foundation is a new and innovative disability foundation but one built on a rich history of success. We have been formed from the coming together of three inspiring Canterbury organisations: The Templeton Welfare Council (Welfare Council), Enrich Chaplaincy Service and The Chapel of the Holy Family Trust.


Since the 1960s, The Welfare Council has been championing for good lives for people with intellectual disabilities and supporting them with life’s extras, initially through the community of residents at Templeton. 

The Welfare Council was responsible for fundraising and building The Chapel of the Holy Family at Templeton in 1966 so that people living there could access holistic and spiritual support as well as funding a swimming pool and gym.

When Templeton closed, and people moved into the community (1999), The Welfare Council campaigned for the Chapel to be gifted to the intellectual disability community. This campaign was successful, and the Chapel is now owned and maintained by the associated The Chapel of the Holy Family Trust (established 2002). 

After acquiring the Chapel, The Welfare Council also set up Enrich Chaplaincy Trust to meet the continued need for holistic and spiritual support through Community Chaplains. 

In recent years, The Welfare Council’s primary function has been to fund the Enrich service. Enrich have been the public face, interacting with individuals and their whānau in the community as well as running two hugely successful balls and establishing a choir which are open to all those with intellectual disability in Canterbury.

With increased pressure on funds, and holistic and spiritual support remaining vital for people with intellectual disabilities, The Welfare Council is transforming to continue to respond to the need in the Canterbury community and align with the Enabling Good Lives approach, as the new Hāpai Foundation. 


Between 2012 and 2019, The Welfare Council has raised and gifted more than $527,000 to initiatives and projects supporting the intellectually disabled in Canterbury.

Following our recent extensive research, we know that under Hāpai, we can do significantly more than what we have historically done, and make a substantially more positive impact.

We will be doing this by taking the lead in driving personalised, holistic support for people with intellectual disabilities, with a focus on empowering people and whānau in their communities. 

Alongside this, the Foundation will work towards changing the perception of people with intellectual disabilities, so that they are ultimately able to enjoy their lives as valued citizens in welcoming communities. 

The Foundation will do this through providing forward-thinking, holistic support initiatives and services that align with the Enabling Good Lives principles, initially with a focus on Canterbury. 

Hāpai will also conduct awareness campaigns by telling real stories that highlight the value that people with intellectual disabilities contribute to the community. 

Lastly, we will be working to undertake and collate the best research to enable our community to thrive.

The Hāpai logo icon of a series of H's connected


The Hāpai icon was designed to show a group of H’s supporting each other, with a goal to achieve something bigger than the individual components.


This refers to our desire to collaborate with the wider disability sector and partner organisations to make the most positive impact we can.

The circle symbolises how we all come together to create an ongoing cycle of improvement and betterment for our community.

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