Why do we need this card?

"Buying things is harder for me."

90% of UK organisations have no dedicated plan for

targeting disabled customers.

Sky News

"Just going out can be painful."

75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a UK business due to poor accessibility or customer service.

Purple Pound Research

"People don’t get me."

1/3 customers with a disability cease a transaction because they have not been treated respectfully or fairly.

Australian Network On Disability

"My money doesn’t go as far - I often have to buy the same thing more than once."

Typically disabled Kiwis need to spend between $200 and $2500 a week on additional costs that others don’t.  

MSD How Government Helps With The Cost Of Disability

Real need.

Society will be fully inclusive of disabled people when barriers to their participation (whether physical, attitudinal or otherwise) are removed, and people’s impairments are accommodated.


That's why we have this card. This card provides an easy way for disabled people to show businesses the barriers that they have, and for businesses to respond and show that they care.


The Purple Dollar?

The “Purple Dollar” refers to the significant spending power of the disabled community.  Based on studies in the UK, we estimate that in NZ, the hospitality sector alone misses out on $326 million per year due to the disabled community having access problems, or having a poor experience.

The Hāpai Access Card allows your business to access the Purple Dollar by bringing disabled people together in a collective market, with a clear incentive of winning return business from a large customer base.


Have an Impact

Have an impact through registering your business with the card. All it needs is for your staff to commit to a short piece of training, and for the business to offer something of clear and demonstrable benefit to cardholders. 


Does anyone care about the impact on access for, and inclusivity of the disabled?  According to the 2013 NZ Census, 1.1 million (24%) New Zealanders were disabled. They care, and their families care!  

What do I get?

Once registered, you will be listed on the Hāpai Access Card website as a disability-friendly destination. You will also be promoted on our social media platforms.

I'm keen!

What do I need to do?

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