The Need

In Aotearoa 23% of Kiwis live with some form of disability. For those who have physical and intellectual challenges, everyday activities like shopping, using transportation and engaging with services can be difficult. Access beyond building compliance is a legal requirement in New Zealand

How the card meets the need

The Hāpai Access Card is an easy way for people with disabilities to show businesses the challenges they face by translating them into symbols. This informs your staff, quickly and discreetly, about the support they need without them having to go into lots of personal detail.

By being part of the card scheme your staff will have done some basic training, specific to your business, to know how to respond when presented with the card.    

How does this benefit your business?

  • Activate the purple spend - your business may be missing out by not being an attractive business for disabled people.  Studies show that spending by the disability sector  - the purple spend - is significantly reduced due to poor accessibility eg NZ hospitality is estimated to be missing out on NZ$320m per annum.

  • Meet legal requirements - NZ law requires that a business provides a 'reasonable accommodation' for a disabled person.

  • Impact the community - your staff and existing customers will know that you care about serving the whole community.

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How to register your business (It is free).

The process is explained in the infographic (click on image).

Your business will be assigned a facilitator who will guide you through the 5 steps leading to:

  • a web page for your business giving a description, contact details, offers for card holders and the response your business makes to each of the nine barriers.

  • A simple training aid for use in informing your current and future staff about how they respond to the barriers.

  • Stickers to show that your business is part of the card, and a jpeg for you to use on your website.

  • Promotion of your business through our social media channels.

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