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How to apply?


We have tried to make the application process as easy as possible, but if what is written below leaves your head spinning just hit the spinning head button and it will take you to our contact page where you can fill out the "Request a call back" .






There are two ways that you can apply for a card:

Option 1


Speak to the organisation that supports you and ask if they can assist you. 


If they are registered with the Hāpai Foundation as a "Verified Provider of Evidence" then this will make your application much easier and quicker.  Go to our Registered NGO (Non-governmental organisation) page for the current list.  


If they are not registered and want to become registered, get them to contact us. Please note that not all organisations will qualify as a "Verified Provider of Evidence".

The card costs NZ$30 for three years.  Based on your circumstances, it may be possible for your NGO, or Medical Organisation to obtain a card at no cost, or discounted.

Option 2


You can make an application where you, your support person, or a supporting organisation provide all the evidence as to your disability and supply evidence about the barriers you face. 


You may be able to present sufficient evidence to satisfy the assessor that you qualify for a card and the assignment of specific barrier icons, but potentially you may require proof from a GP.  

If you are applying via Option 1, your supporting organisation will be able to advise you on how to proceed further.

If you are applying via Option 2, please read the information below carefully so that your application process is as easy as possible.


Using Option 2 To Apply

Before you start to apply, there are some things you should do:


1. Read the Guidance Notes and Terms & Conditions.

2. Gather the evidence that you will need, which will require scanning for uploading.  If you are having trouble gathering that evidence, you may wish to ask your GP, or the medical organisation you work with to complete the "Validation of Disability and Barriers" Form.

3. Get an electronic passport-style photo for use on your card. 


HOT TIP - Free conversion of photo to passport size:  From a computer go to persofoto to either upload a photo for conversion to a passport sized one, or take one with the webcam.  Alternatively, from a smartphone go to the same site and either upload a photo on the phone, or take one there and then.  

Alternatively for guidance on how to do this with a Samsung, or iPhone go to Passport Photo Requirements.   


We will only accept photos that are close to this standard.  You can also get photos taken at many pharmacies; just remember to ask for them to be emailed to you, or a support person's email address.

4. Have a means of payment, by either a debit or credit card.  The cost of the card is NZ$30 for three years.  If you don't have a credit/debit card you can make a bank transfer, or pay cash - go to the contact page and request a call back for more details.

However, if you have problems at any stage, please go to the contact page, or email, and we will assist as best we can.

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