Registered organisations supporting applications


Here is the list of registered organisations that can support you with the validation of your disability and barriers. Click on the link.

Simple Instruction?


Click the infographic below. You can download and free to print it.

Processing with the NGO, 
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Processing with GP,
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How to apply?


We have tried to make the application process as easy as possible, but if what is written below leaves your head spinning just hit the spinning head button and it will take you to our contact page where you can fill out the "Request a call back", or find our office telephone number.




To make an application you need three things:

  1. A completed Validation of Disability & Barriers (VDB) Form.

  2. A passport-type photo.

  3. Payment of NZ$30.


Once you have these three things you are ready to complete the online application.  Remember we have people who can support you in making your application, so feel free to contact us at any stage of the process and as many times as you need.

Getting your VDB Form Completed

There are two ways that you can get your VDB Form completed:


  • Your doctor (GP) - they may charge for the service.

  • A registered NGO - see the current list on our webpage.

Can't find the VDB form? Click Me

If neither of these ways are open to you please contact us and we will discuss how you can proceed. 

Getting an acceptable photograph

Most smart phone are able to take a good enough photo.  We are looking for a photo that shows the head and shoulders on a light background.





There are three options to pay:

  1.  Via Paypal, Credit/Debit Card - this is the last step in the online application.

  2.  Bank transfer to Westpac Bank 

    • Account Name:  Hapai Foundation 

    • Account 03 0767 0054960 017 (Westpac)

  3.  Cash at our office: 21 Lodestar Avenue, Wigram, Christchurch​ (Mon - Fri 10 am - 3 pm)


Remember we have people who can support you in making your application, so feel free to contact us at any stage of the process and as many times as you need.

Making the online application

Now that you have your VDB Form, a photo and payment you are ready to start your online application.  

There are three pages on the form:

  • Page 1:  Complete your contact details.  If you are applying on behalf of someone provide the contact details where information about the progress of the application and future communications can be sent.  

  • Page 2: Nothing to do on this page.

  • Page 3: Just three things to do on this page:

    • Upload your VDB Form in the first box.​

    • Upload your photo in the third box.

    • Press "submit"


Once you have pressed submit the Paypal payment will come up.  If you don't want to make payment using Paypal, or a credit/debit card then just close the browser.  The application has been saved so don't worry!​

If you are making a bank transfer do that now and give the office a call (03 595 0577) and let us know you have done that.  If we don't answer please leave us a message.

If you want to pay by cash give us a call (03 595 0577) and we will make arrangements.

However, if you have problems at any stage, please go to the contact page or email, and we will assist as best we can.

Clicking on the red box below will take you to the online application form.

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