How to register your business


For a business registration to be accepted, we require that: 


  1. Your staff are aware of the card and how the business responds to each of the nine barriers. A visual guide of the barriers and the business' responses located at tills, breakrooms and other key places is a good way of keeping staff aware.

  2. You, and your staff, agree to work with customers with a disability to help them overcome barriers preventing them from having a great experience with you.

  3. The business offers something of clear and demonstrable benefit to cardholders, such as a discount, or concession for an essential companion.  Alternatively, if a discount is not an option then consider sponsoring cards for your customers - please contact us if you wish to investigate sponsoring cards.

  4. That the business is willing to enter into a dialogue with us in the event of our receiving negative feedback from a cardholder via the closed Facebook page.


Guide to registering your business

The following is a step by step guide on how to register your business.  It is quite straightforward, but we are here to help you through the process, so please get in touch with us via our contact page, and we will assist you. We have Accessibility Reduction Facilitators that can work with you and your staff, at no charge, to look at the ways your business can respond to the nine barriers.

Step 1: Take some photos of your business from the perspective of a person with a disability wanting to check out the ease of accessibility. You might take photos of the parking, entrance, seating area, counter/reception area, access to the toilet, and the toilet itself.


Step 2: Have a look at the graphic below which we call the "cheat sheet".  It describes each of the barriers and potential responses. Think about what responses are the best for your shop.  We ask that you be honest.  It might be that the layout of the shop would make it tight for a wheelchair user to negotiate around it.  If this was the case, you might want to point this out, but say that the staff will assist.  Remember that a lot of people with disability are not in wheelchairs, but still face accessibility problems. People put up these barriers, and they can be taken down by people – you and your staff.  Here is a link to download the "cheat sheet" so that you can edit it for your business.


Step 3:  Complete the form "Register your business"  by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.  To assist you, have a look at a couple of examples of web pages:  "The Cafe" and "The Supermarket".  There are two sections on the form about your business, a section for each of the barriers, and a place to upload photos.

  • "Describe your Company/Organisation" – you can probably take this from your webpage/Facebook. 

  • "About your offer/information" – Here is where you state what benefits you are offering the cardholder and put contact information about the business.​​

  • "The Barriers"– for each of the barriers enter what you have decided from "Step 2" of the process above.

  • "Upload Photos" – upload the photos you took in "Step 1".

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