Care Transport Limited Trading as Freedom Drivers

General Information

7 McSaveneys Road

0273 646877


"We are a Companion Driving service. Our personal driving service is great for anyone who wants extra thoughtfulness and perhaps a little bit of extra help and support at either end of the journey. We help seniors get to appointments, those recovering from illness or injury, or with mobility challenges or disabilities, through to children and teens needing safe travel. We will even take pets to the vet."

Notes for card holders

"We offer a 10% discount off your portion of the transport cost. We accept Total Mobility cards and are ACC registered."

Standing and Queuing

By using our pre-booked service you can be assured you will be picked up at the time you want. No more standing in queues!

Wheelchair Access

Our wheelchair van can take 2 wheelchairs, has a high roof for comfort and a hoist on the rear of the vehicle.

Short Distances

We take bookings for short distances, long distances and work in with your requirements.

Access To Toilets

Urgent toilet access requirements can be discussed at the time of booking. Confidentiality assured.

Assistance Dogs

We take dogs as required.

Essential Companions

Carers and essential companions travel at no additional cost.

Accessing Visual Information

Additional visual information can be discussed at time of booking.

Accessing Audible Information

Additional audible information can be discussed at time of booking.

Hidden Disabilities

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