Fat Beagle Cafe

General Information

51 South Terrace, Darfield 7510

03-318 8134


Located on the main street of Darfield is The Fat Beagle. The Fat Beagle
has a passion for homemade wholesome and healthy breakfast, lunch
food and catering for most food types including gluten-free, dairy-free
and vegan.
As well as plenty of seating inside the café offers seating at the front and
in the lovely garden area at the rear.
There is plenty of parking close to the front and garden entrances.

Notes for card holders

Standing and Queuing

There is a variety of seating in the café with plenty of room. We are more than
happy to assist you with your order while seated, rather than at the counter if it
is easier for you. Just let us know by showing the card or wearing a Hāpai
Access Card lanyard,

Wheelchair Access

The café is accessible for those who use wheelchairs both powered and non-
powered with plenty of room between seating. There is accessible parking on
Ross Street. There is no step at the main entrance, but the garden entrance
as a slight lip. There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor.

Short Distances

The café is only a short distance from the accessible parking space on Ross
Street. There is also parking outside the front entrance, but no lip on the curb.
There is also a bus stop on Ross Street approximately 250m from the café.

Access To Toilets

There is only one toilet in the café so that it may be in use when you need
urgent access. There are public toilets approximately 50m from the café on the
other side of South Terrace/State Highway 73. It is suggested wheelchair
users check out the video to assess the space available within the toilet.

Assistance Dogs

The cafe welcomes assistance dogs to accompany their owner into our facility.
If your dog is thirsty, please let us know and we would be more than happy to
provide a bowl of water. There is a berm in the front of the café should your
dog wish to relieve itself.

Essential Companions

We understand that a carer/essential companion may not buy a drink or food,
although we do warn you that our homemade offerings are very tempting.

Accessing Visual Information

We display the drinks and food menu on a large board suspended at the back
of the café. If that is difficult for you to see, or you need some help in
understanding what we our offering, we are happy to talk you through the
menu. We will be patient so don’t feel rushed.

Accessing Audible Information

Our staff are aware to look at you while we are speaking. We will slow down
and speak clearer, enunciating and at a higher volume if we see it is required
for you to hear or lip read. Our staff can offer you pen and paper to
communicate with us if that is best for you. We will be patient so don’t feel in a

Hidden Disabilities

Our staff will ask you what we can do to help and will follow your lead. We are
more than happy to assist you, so please tell us anything that we need to be
aware of to ensure you have the best possible experience in our café.

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