General Information

Yes acupuncture clinic Quay medical center

021 613 501


"Our clinic provides holistic chiropractic and acupuncture care. Our team consists of one chiropractor and 4 acpuncturists. I am a chiropractor with a background of social welfare work and study so I love to see patients with physical or mental disabilities."

Notes for card holders

"We can offer 50% discount for the initial visit with ACC and free for following visits as we understand that people with disabilities are easy to get injured."

Standing and Queuing

We have waiting areas with chairs inside and outside of the clinic.

Wheelchair Access

We are located on the ground floor in a medical centre. There are no bumps at all from the front parking area to our clinic.

Short Distances

Access To Toilets

We have spacious toilets on the same ground floor. If anyone needs extra help, one of us can assist them.

Assistance Dogs

There is a beautiful duck park surrounded many trees and grassed area in the back of our building. We don't have a water bowl but it won't matter at all to buy one if needed.

Essential Companions

We welcome any companions with our patients.

Accessing Visual Information

All they need is to lie down on the table so we can hold their hands if they need extra help.

Accessing Audible Information

We have been seeing a few patients with healing loss and they are happy to come to our clinic. We believe that we can communicate without sign language interpreters when they have physical pain.

Hidden Disabilities

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